How to help

There are so many ways you can help wildlife and ocean conservation around the world.

1. 80% of funds made from Kingdom of Sirens goes towards several sanctuaries/rescues/conservations worldwide by fulfilling wish-list and cash donations. So if you want something awesome while helping the planet, buy from Kingdom of Sirens.

2. Check your local rescues/sanctuaries for their wishlist needs if you do not wish to donate money. Most of the time they need cleaning supplies and food but each one will differ.

3. Sell your old stuff and use profits as donations. Most donations are tax deductible.

4. Help with your local sanctuary and rescue fundraisers. It's not as hard as it seems and it is super beneficial to the cause.

5. Volunteer! Yes it's hard work, yes it can be dirty, sometimes you even get hurt but a lot of animals need our help. At the end of the day, it feels good knowing you did your part in helping our planet.

6. If you are creative, there are several things you can make to donate. Everything from bird toys, dog beds to big cat enrichment toys. I will post environment friendly & safe ways to make a variety of toys and beds on my blog.

7. If you can not afford to donate, spread the word about your favorite sanctuaries/rescues/conservations through social media. Every reach they get can make a  difference.

And remember if you have a problem with rescues & sanctuaries because they are not letting the animals "be free" us humans destroyed their homes, us humans hunt them, us humans pollute their environment. So next time you want to get keyboard warrior with them remember if you are living in a community development you helped destroy their home. Be mindful of what you buy (food, shoes, clothing, makeup, cars, technology etc) because all of it has an impact on our planet. 

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